888 Poker Review: Free Rolls and Promotions Galore

888 Poker ReviewOne of the most well-known online poker firms in the US, 888 Poker is also called All-American Poker Network. Owned by 888 Holdings Group, 888 Poker is among the earliest online poker rooms as well. There have been a lot of changes in 888 over the past few years, and the primary among them is the software. The site gets traffic of about 10,000 players in the heavy-rush hours. The new software has brought in plenty of 3D features, which is the need of the hour, as an increasing number of players seek immersive experiences and enhanced graphics support.


Are you a newbie? Get going now

Beginners who sign up and get an 888 poker account online stand to get some bonuses, a couple of them in fact. A newbie gets $10 to try out the games and no deposit is needed. Also, if you are a newbie, you don’t have to clear the bonus if you want to use it. In case you are not willing to deposit and $10 isn’t enough for you, the company offers free rolls every day for all players. There are also special free roll opportunities to choose from with a prize pool that ranges between $50 and $888.

When you are set to deposit, the site rewards beginners by matching up to their first deposit 100 per cent, to a limit of $888. The bonus is given in increments of $10.


Promotions galore

Among the 888 poker promotions is a free roll promo called Live the Dream worth $5,000, and this special promotion runs twice every day till October 20, 2014. All the 70 winners of the free rolls will be given great prizes including vacation packages, F1 experiences or cool gadgets. There is also a $2,500 pool of cash to be given away. If you are already a regular in the 88 poker room or have an account, your inbox will have two tickets to join the brand new tournaments.

The games that are among the most popular ones on the site are Hold ‘em, 7 Card Stud and Omaha. A great variety of Sit n Go Tournaments such as Turbo, Double or Nothing, and ring games are part of 888.


Celebrities React to Controversial Ray Rice Video


Celebrities React to Controversial Ray Rice Video2When news of Ray Rice’s domestic violence case first came to light, there was no widespread condemnation for his actions. Yes, there were plenty of celebrities who were disappointed by the situation, but very few stood up and spoke about how Rice should be banned from the NFL. With the revelation of a video tape showing the incident as it took place, opinions have altered drastically. Many celebrities have taken to Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to talk about the case.

Even Rice’s fellow players have been outspoken in their criticisms. Terrence Knighton, a defensive player for the Denver Broncos franchise, had this to say: “The players like to talk about how we are unfairly treated by the media or the NFL, but there is no defense for this. It is time to speak up and stand up for the right thing. There is no place for this kind of behavior, no matter who you are or what you do.”

Seth Rogan, a famous Hollywood actor, also weighed in on the situation: “I am not a football fan with great NFL knowledge, but I do not think he should be allowed to return to the league. Ever.” He was also disappointed that the punishment for domestic violence in the NFL was less than for smoking marijuana.

There were a few celebrities, such as Christopher Boykin from the MTV show Fantasy Factory, who believe that forgiveness is not out of the question. His argument being that if Rice’s wife was willing to put the incident in the past and marry the man, perhaps the wider public should give Rice a second chance as well.

Twitter arguments also broke out in relation to celebrity tweets comparing Ray Rice’s situation to the one faced by Chris Brown. The singer was involved in a domestic violence case with fellow performer Rihanna. A few celebrities mentioned that people were fine with Brown performing at events and having his songs played on the radio, which was hypocritical considering the punishment they want for Ray Rice.

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FTOPS XXVI Guarantees $4.5 Million Prize Pool


The 26th Full Tilt Online Poker Series promises an impressive total prize pool of $4.5 million.

Full Tilt Online Poker Series

FTOPS is an online tournament that is owned and operated by Full Tilt Poker. The first event took place in 2006, and it occurs about four times a year. The very first first-place prize was $161,480, but since then, first-place prizes have generally ranged from $350k to $450k. The highest first-place prize ever awarded was $877,949 in February 2011. The first-place prize for FTOPS XXVI is confirmed to be no less than $300k, and the guarantee for the NL Hold’em Main Event is $1 tournament

A Player’s Tournament

An interesting aspect of FTOPS is that it tends to mirror the ever-changing nature of the Web. Poker tournaments tend to be steeped in tradition, and change does not come easy. In fact, much bureaucracy usually comes with effecting change. FTOPS, however, is a player’s tournament, and participants actually vote on the format for some of the events. Event #25, for instance, was chosen by the players, and they chose OE, half Omaha H/L and half Stud H/L, which is certainly not a usual selection.

Series and Leaderboard

There are 52 FTOPS events in all, and players can opt in as they choose. No event is required. Guarantees range from as little as $25k in the HORSE event to $1 million in the Main Event. FTOPS is more than just a collection of events, however. This is a series, and winning that series requires a poker player to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

The currency of the leaderboard is chips, and Full Tilt awards these chips for performance. Chips are awarded for winning an event or being at a final event. There is also a game within a game, and Full Tilt award points for various milestones, such as 30 hands without a showdown. Therefore, even if a player is essentially done at a particular table, he or she still has something to play for.

The Event

FTOPS XXVI begins on Sunday, August 3 and continues through Sunday, August 17, which is the day of the Main Event. During this period, there is at least one event a day.

Godfather of Poker Retires From WSOP Main Events

One of a kind, 10-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, and seasoned poker player Doyle Brunson gracefully bowed out of the latest WSOP series. Popularly known as ‘The Godfather of Poker’, Doyle Brunson has left behind an impressive track record with his first win at WSOP in as early as 1976.WSOP Poker

Career milestones

Brunson’s final victory bracelet was conceded in 2005 at a challenging final table where he beat Scotty Nguyen, Ayaz Mahmood, Minh Ly, Jason Lester, and Layne Flack. After rounds of strong plays, Brunson emerged victorious to claim a tied seat as the player with the second highest number of WSOP bracelets.

WSOP main event cash wins

  • In 2005 the Godfather won his tenth gold WSOP bracelet by turning up victorious at the $5,000 short-handed No-Limit Hold’em tournament, and cashed in $367,800.
  • Brunson finished at the seventeenth spot in 2009 European Poker Tour event held in London. During his run at the championship, he cashed in £31,198 at the £10,000 main event.
  • As a WSOP professional poker player, he has totalled cash earnings of over $2 million.
  • Over the many years of his illustrious career, Doyle Brunson has accrued well over $6,000,000 in live tournament wins till 2011.

Doyle Brunson’s retirement doesn’t come as a surprise, as he had started limiting his WSOP appearances over the years. In 2011 he participated in just 7 WSOP events, and showed up for only 4 events in 2012 series of tournaments.

The Godfather waved WSOP events goodbye through this twitter account TexDolly. He tweeted that he wont be playing the main event of WSOP any more. Brunson however, is certain to make an appearance at the Rio, and is likely to sit in on a few juicy cash games.

Acknowledged with a standing ovation each time he leaves a table, the Godfather continues to be a highlight at WSOP series every year.



British casino sued by businessman


British CasinoLes Ambassadeurs casino is being sued for a total of £10 million by businessman Iraj Parvizi. Parvizi had been a regular at high-stakes gambling at Les Ambassadors. However, he lost a total of £185,000 one night, after which he was unwilling to offer the necessary cash to cover the costs of chips had bought using credit. In response, Les Ambassadors casino filed a lawsuit against Parvizi.

Rather than solve the issue, the lawsuit from Les Ambassadeurs prompted Parvizi to countersue the casino for £10 million, claiming that the casino neglected to handle collusion and cheating practices in the casino’s games that had caused him to lose significant amounts of money over the years. Over four years, Parvizi has apparently determined that he’s lost around £10 million because of the negligence of Les Ambassadeurs.

Parvizi’s lawsuit is based on claims that two regulars of Les Ambassadors were working together to scam Parvizi out of money. Furthermore, Parvizi has hypothesized that a masseuse working at the casino may have been in on some of the cheating practices and may have assisted in them. Although the names of the two regulars that Parvizi refers to have not been released, one of the regulars anonymously responded to the allegations by declaring that Parvizi simply lost because his poker playing is inferior to that of professionals.

Parvizi has not only come under scrutiny due to the affair with the Les Ambassadeurs casino. He has also been accused of insider dealing and is scheduled to stand on trial for this accusation in September of this year.

UK Bet Shops Closing; New Taxation

bet shops ukIn the UK, big changes by the government mean equally big changes for betting shops. In the past couple of weeks, a rise in taxation on top of adjustments in laws concerning bet shops have prompted bookmakers to make quick decisions. In particular, one major bookmaker is set to make drastic changes. Unfortunately, the new rates and laws in regards to brick-and-mortar business establishments can mean a change in the way UK citizens make bets.

David Cameron gives power to local authorities

Despite the fact that there are over 10,000 jobs at the UK’s 2,300 bet shops, it is likely that petitions from over one million people will affect the decision already made by lawmakers. David Cameron stated in late April that he will be giving local authorities throughout the UK the power to prohibit new bet shops from opening. He is also in the process of releasing new restrictions on fixed-odds betting terminals. These restrictions will mean that permission will be needed by customers to spend more than £50 at the game terminals.

Bookmakers respond to Cameron with closures

When the restrictions and changes by Cameron were released to the press, bookmaker William Hill PLC immediately responded by threatening to close betting shops and make those employees redundant. Altogether, over 100 shops would be closed with over 400 bet shop employees cut from labor pools. William Hill PLC says that the law changes will cause up to £22 million in profit losses. Ladbrokes is expected to release their data and upcoming plans in May 2014.

More changes coming

In addition to the potential major changes taking place in 2014, there will also be an increase in taxation on gambling machines in 2015. Instead of the normal tax of 20%, the tax will be raised to 25%. Although the betting industry is declining in the UK, it still supports almost 40,000 jobs. It also brings the UK £2.3 billion pounds annually.

Reasons for bet shop changes

After careful research, it was decided that part of the problem with bet shops is that gamblers can wager up to £300 per minute. Alternatively, slot machines charge only £2 per spin. Almost 60% of gamblers are women, and many bet shops are found in poorer neighborhoods. There were also links to organized crime found in relationship to bet shops. Research found that this style of terminal betting was extremely addictive. Despite the outrage, the current Conservative government will likely stand firm on their decisions.

WSOP Main Event Guarantees $10 Million to Winner


Jamie GoldIn 2006, Jamie Gold took home the WSOP Main Event title along with the $12,000,000 winners share of the purse. Since then, entries have declined and the top payout has hovered at between $8,000,000-$9,000,000. In an effort to reverse that trend, WSOP executives have announce they will offer a guaranteed $10,000,000 to the 2014 champion.

Reason for Increase
By guaranteeing the 8-figure purse, they hope to use this information as a marketing tool designed to promote the possibilities to the borderline entrants who may be persuaded by the target prize. The goal is to reestablish growth in the number of entries on a year to year basis. If they succeed, the payouts across the board will also improve which could also draw more entries from guys who may not figure to win it all, but they could reap a strong profit by just cashing.

Opponents of the Guarantee
There is a contingent of WSOP players and representatives who feel the new guarantee could have the opposite effect. If the entries fall short, payouts at the lower levels will be striped for the benefit of the winner. The prospect of winning less for cashing in the tournament may actually drive away some of the marginal players looking for a decent payday.

One thing is for sure, the effect of the $10,000,000 guarantee on this year’s tournament will be heavily scrutinized as more major tournaments weigh the benefits of guaranteed prizes versus non-guaranteed prizes. Each tournament relies completely on the number of entrants and any future changes will be contingent on not affecting the number of players who show up to play.

Maple Casino Announces the Release of Avalon II

Maple Casino will soon be releasing Avalon II, an engaging new online slots game loosely based on the myths of King Arthur. Avalon II will give players the chance to restore a broken land and right a grievous injustice perpetrated by Morgan le Fay by setting out on a mythical journey with King Arthur and his knights. Players will traverse mystic landscapes, battle powerful foes and gain the chance to win up to $121,500.

Avalon II Slot Game

Rewarding Diligence

Avalon II offers a number of payout conditions and bonuses, including wild, multiplier, scatter and bonus trigger symbols, that add to the overall excitement of the experience. Not only is Maple Casino offering Avalon II players 243 ways to win, but players will also be treated to a bonus hit once every 12 to 18 minutes. Payout opportunities are further augmented by a series of quest paths offered through the Grail Bonus feature, which exposes players to eight different bonus games that expand on the game’s story, draw players deeper into the realm of Avalon and maximize potential payouts.

In addition to the many bonuses Avalon II promises to deliver, Maple Casino is offering new players a free-play option. Choosing to participate in the free-play option will give players a total of $3,000 to play with for 60 minutes and will allow any winnings made using these free credits within the allotted time to be kept. Should players choose to make an account with Maple Casino, a three-tiered deposit bonus is currently in effect to supplement the already ample bonuses supplied by Avalon II’s gameplay features.

Experiencing the World of Avalon

Avalon II isn’t a purely conventional slots game. With professional voice acting, skillfully rendered 3D animations, and hand-drawn landscapes displayed with a 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio, Avalon II boasts a wide variety of creative features designed to engage players in a mythical world that promises to provide an enticing experience. Steps have been taken to ensure replay probability by increasing the game’s longevity and the number of gameplay options with an array of different quests lines that serve as games within a game. There are also a number of different goals a player can strive to achieve, such as the chance to reform the legendary sword Excalibur, to spin the Wheel of Fortune, to do battle with the mysterious Black Knight and ultimately to recover the Holy Grail from the evil clutches of Morgan le Fay.

The Bottom Line

Avalon II offers a truly unique gaming experience that promises to dazzle and reward players with content and cash. By including support for 18 different languages, Maple Casino has made the effort to include a wider audience base the chance to take advantage of the game’s many payout opportunities. Avalon II will be available for download from on Feb. 5, 2014.

France Sees Declines and Surges in Offline, Online Betting


At the end of 2013, there have been several reports from offline and online betting agencies in France that the industry is both in decline and in a surge. In particular, online poker and pari-mutuel betting online for horse racing are down-turning while other sports are making up for lost revenues. Unfortunately, French gambling officials feel that these trends will continue throughout 2014.

Online poker betting in France declines

The annual figures from France’s online poker betting industry clearly show a drastic decline in revenues for 2013. With the exception of stakes for tournaments, there was a 13 to 18 percent drop in profits for the entire French online poker industry. The independent online gaming industry regulators in France, ARJEL, noted that sales were down in the first quarter of 2013 by 12 percent and in the fourth quarter, sales were down 23 percent. This is a concern for the French authorities because online betting generates approximately 325 million Euros in taxes.

Online sports bettingPari-mutuel offline betting numbers continue to fall

A major French offline parimutuel company, PMU, announced that they no longer found this form of gambling profitable. Like online poker, 2013 was the year that this form of betting significantly declined. Online, this form of betting rose 22.4 percent. One of the main reasons that the company attributes to their profit losses with offline betting is due to the challenges of a poor economic climate in France. PMU is currently re-strategizing to place more focus on other forms of online betting. Despite their want to eschew offline parimutuel horse racing betting, the French horse racing industry needs PMU to help support organization of events, maintenance of racetracks and distribution of prize money. Over 70,000 jobs and France are associated with the horse racing industry.

Online sports betting increase seen in France in 2013

France Pari has had significant success due to their growth with online betting. Their 2013 figures were up 30 percent in betting volumes and sports gaming profits were up 54 percent. In particular, France Pari noted that many of their profits came through clients such as FeelingBet and GenyBet. The inclusion of pari-mutuel horse racing and fixed-odds betting by GenyBet are the main reasons that France Pari succeeded in 2013. Then next plan of action is to include more mobile betting in 2014.

Delivering the Cash Where Needed


MGM Resorts International has come to an agreement with Global Cash Access Incorporated that expands their partnership for cash services. This new agreement will be one that is worth nearly $8 million according to some analysts. Global Cash Access is based in Nevada where it has had an outstanding track record for handling MGM’s cash services. With this agreement also comes added facilities in MGM Resorts. They will work to install ticket redemption kiosks all throughout the state. David Lopez, the CEO of Global Access Cash, has assured all investors that this relationship will continue into the future with further plans for expansion and new conveniences for the MGM patrons.

mgmgrandWhile the actual terms of the deal will not be disclosed to the public, the new cash services that include kiosks which are coming to the MGM corporation will expand to all corners of the MGM portfolio, including their two highest-grossing establishments: the MGM Grand Las Vegas and the Bellagio. There is an entire core of cash access products that Global Cash plans on spreading throughout the area with the help of MGM. Entertainment analysts all agree that the continued partnership is a wise move for both parties. Financial risks that might come in moving on with a different firm are substantially lowered for MGM. Additionally, further customer acquisition proposals will have more stable footing with much more potential.

Within the industry, agreements such as these typically last for three to five years. The partnership between these two institutions proves to be the exception to the rule. There is little doubt concerning the value of the partnership when one takes into consideration the projected earnings of an additional $8 to $12 million in revenue by the end of 2014. Global Cash Access expects to be able to provide their stockholders with an additional 82 cents per share thanks to the agreement. This company also has a considerable record of success with online lottery systems in both North Carolina and Minnesota. They have worked closely with big names in the gaming industry such as Scientific Games as they have developed their approach to their cutting-edge services.