Everyone is really welcome at G’Day Casino

Everyone is welcome in the land down under, said Captain Cook. G’Day Casino seems to have taken it quite to the heart, it would appear. The new welcome packages and accompanying myriads of offers is just an indication of how well G’Day Casino treats their faithful gamers. Every gambler who has spent even a few weeks playing at G’Day Casino would agree to the fact that G’Day Casino offers some of the best bonuses and promotions. Perhaps, it’s about time other casinos take a leaf out of G’Day Casino’s hospitality manual.

G'Day Casino welcomes everyone to play

Here are the latest G’Day Casino welcome packages that would make you go wow.

UNLIMITED 100% Bonuses

100% bonus isn’t really a big deal these days. Some casinos have gone as high as 400% bonuses. But all of them are up to a certain stipulated amount. That’s where this welcome package from G’Day Casino stands out. You get an unlimited bonus of 100% of your first wager right away in your casino wallet. So, higher you deposit, more you will be rewarded – with no upper cap!

So, your first wager will earn you a flat 100% bonus, second wager will you a 25% bonus while third wager will earn you a 50% bonus.

50 Free Spins

Every new and valid registration will be rewarded with 50 free spins that can be used site wide, including their bespoke South Park Reel Chaos game. The best part is, you don’t need to provide any credit card details to avail of this promo offer.

G’Day Casino is a widely popular casino among the Australian users, and when we take a look at offers like these, the reason is pretty much obvious.

Best Casino-Mate Games – Thunderstruck II

Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II is available for playing as a mobile casino slot on your iPad, iPhone or AndroidNot often do mobile slots manage to keep all the features of an original game. However, this is exactly what Thunderstruck II does and looks simply beautiful. Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II is available for playing as a mobile casino slot on your iPad, iPhone or Android and requires no waiting or downloading time.

Bonus features

Let’s begin with the most exciting part of the Thunderstruck II online slot – the bonus features of the game. There are plenty of bonuses to play for and these include wilds as well as expanding wilds, scatters, unlock-able bonuses, multipliers (2x to 6x), a variety of free-spin rewards and interesting free games.

These are too many features and bonuses to explain and this is actually one slot machine that the player needs to experience on their own to appreciate. The Thunderstruck II slot is a moderate volatility slot, so players can discover some decent rewards during the base game. However, you will definitely require some cash to keep the action going. It would accommodate majority of the slot players and the return rate for players would range from 96 to 97 percent.

Jackpot and free spins

The most thrilling part of Thunderstruck II mobile slot is that it offers a huge internal jackpot of 2.5 million. Along with getting a good number of wins during the base game, you also get a chance to win a humongous life-changing jackpot amount.

 Another great part about Thunderstruck II slot is that it is full of fun mechanics. This allows players to keep unlocking a number of free spins bonuses as they continue playing.

If you keep entering the “Great Hall of Free Spins”, you get several free spin features to unlock. Even if Thunderstruck II lacks a storyline like Immortal Romance, the video wins and graphics are as stunning and extremely enjoyable.

Sportech Acquires New Jersey Online Casino Licence

Sportech became the first European company to acquire an online gambling licence in the state of New Jersey. It became the first European company to be granted an online casino license. Both company and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement announced that from this day forward Sportech could offer online gambling services in the state.

Thorough investigation required

SportechAs it is a European company, Sportech commented that the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement had to conduct rigid investigations before the company could be awarded the license.

This is great news for the US online gambling community and market wholly. However, it still shows that European companies are being subjected to much more stringent standards and investigations than US companies when applying for the appropriate online license.

Besides New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are the two other US states at this moment that offer either legal online casinos or online poker. This looks poised to change as legalization processes in terms of online gambling is on its way. Federal legalization might be difficult according to experts.


That being said, there exist plenty of rules, laws and limitations on online gambling in these three states and on what kind of companies can offer these kinds of services. Traditionally International as well as European countries have been discouraged and not been able to acquire gambling licenses in almost all US states.

For example, in New Jersey, only online gambling companies who have formed revenue sharing partnerships with land based casinos can acquire licenses.

Plans are in place for more US states to open up to European and international gambling companies. States that could join the legalisation process are expected to be California and Pennsylvania.

Cheating Poker Player to Be Sentenced this Month

Mihai Lacatos, a 61-year-old Romanian national have been defrauding casinos throughout the U.K. A prolific poker player convicted of defrauding U.K. casinos out of tens of thousands of pounds faces sentencing at Southwark Crown Court this month.

Casino security and law enforcement combined efforts in fall 2014 to nab Mihai Lacatos, a 61-year-old Romanian national who is believed to have been defrauding casinos throughout the U.K. since 2008.

Lacatos used a method called “card marking” to make small holes and bends in the cards at the Playboy Club in Mayfair, London. These difficult-to-notice indentations helped him predict which cards were held by competing players.

In one week, using this method, he is said to have brought in £43,400.

He admitted committing similar fraud in 14 instances along with charges of possessing fake identification. He used bogus licenses and ID cards to enter casinos which had previously banned him.

Security footage from the Playboy Club last year showed him making tiny marks in the cards, but authorities believe he had been working this angle as far back as 2008, with the help of fake IDs. The club’s parent company, Caesars Entertainment, alerts other casinos and authorities.

Prior to being spotted at the Playboy Club, he is believed to have cheated at casinos in Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Salford.

Though he was finally brought into custody in November, he was first arrested in March 2014 at the Rubicon Casino in Northampton with £1,485. While out on bail, he continued to cheat at three more casinos.

He also missed a court appearance in May 2014, which prompted a national search for him and for casinos to be on alert. He was found at the Luton Airport with £3,000.

Lacatos faces prison time for the fraud and the false ID convictions. He’s also considered the first person to be convicted of the specific crime of card marking.

Lady Gaga Plays Craps after Show

Lady Gaga always manages to make news even when not performing at the stage. Such is the life of celebrities and if it is the Lady herself then it makes news even when there is nothing substantial about the whole incident.


Lady Gaga plays Craps

Yes, Lady Gaga played craps

Lady Gaga made her way to the craps table after one of her shows ended. The scene looked like a movie shot as she – all decked up – walked to the craps table where her boyfriend had been having fun for a few hours.

Dressed in a red gown complete with diamonds (jewellery) and platinum (hair wig) she stayed at the craps table for an hour or so and seemed to be letting her hair down (kind of) and well she seemed to be having fun after her show.


The celebrity of Lady Gaga

The talented singer and performer had been doing a series of shows with the famous jazz musician Tony Bennett. This was before they had performed at the New Year’s concert at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas where they had been performing together.

The fun at the craps table must have been a good break for the singer and she was likely heard by spectators exclaiming that this was the most fun she had had all week. Now that is saying something.

Now she and Tony Bennett had been promoting their album ‘Cheek to Cheek’ and the shows are still on. But their concert at the New Year’s Eve party was outstanding and maybe chilling out at the craps table helped Lady Gaga a bit. Not that this talented performer needs any such help but a little fun never harms anyone.

Here is hoping Lady Gaga has more fun at the casino games in Vegas and of course elsewhere.

All Aces Video Poker Review

Screenshot All Aces video pokerIf you’re a poker purist, there is a tendency to dislike it when gaming companies go messing with classic poker games. You might just have to suspend your resistance to change and take a chance on Microgaming’s All Aces Video Poker, because it’s an exciting new game that loses none of the elements that make classic video poker so much fun.

The game is a derivative of simple Jacks or Better poker, with play proceeding in exactly the same way: Place your bet, get your hand, replace zero to five cards, and see if your hand is strong enough to win, with a pair of Jacks being the minimum paying hand. The first difference a savvy poker player will notice is that the pay table in general looks weak, with everything from two pair to a straight flush seeming to pay at least a few credits less than normal Jacks or Better.

Don’t panic! It still pays out a robust 99.92 percent with expert play. The secret is in the payout for four aces. It is fully half of the payout for a Royal Flush!   This makes for a much more volatile game, but you’ll see those four aces a lot more than you’ll see the Royal Flush, so at least your chances of a big payoff are a little more promising. Naturally, the skewed pay table does affect the basic strategy for the game.

There are a number of different minute adjustments you could make, but they could be summed up in this way: Play the same strategy as Jacks or Better, but play to maximize your chances of getting aces. This means discarding the low pair when you have two pair with aces high. Also, you should hold the solo ace under most circumstances and even discard the lower pair and lose a full house when you have three aces and a lower pair.

Overall the video poker game was fun, but the volatility could be kind of annoying, especially if you have a low bankroll or low amount of time available. You seem to lose much more quickly thanks to the lower payoffs on the low hands, but then bounce right back up when you hit the four aces. The trick is to keep playing long enough to hit the four aces. If you hit them early in your session, I advise you to take the money and run.

Celebrities in South Korea Caught In Illegal Gambling

South Korea CelebrityGambling in South Korea is illegal unless played at state-run establishments and even they offer limited-opportunity games. Recently, some celebrities from the country were caught indulging illegal gambling.

The allegations

Some South Korean celebrities are under fire as they got caught while illegally betting on sports. One of the four caught is Lee Soo-geun, who is a famous comedian as well as television personality. Allegations on him are that he bet millions of money through privately-owned gambling companies. All his wagers have been reportedly on football matches of the English Premier League. He was questioned over these claims by the prosecutors at the Seoul District office and has been given a suspended jail time of eight months. He will also have to do 120 hours of community service.

Band members Tak Jae-hoon and Shin Jung-hwan are also under scrutiny for illegal sports betting and are being questioned by the prosecutors to determine the truth. All in all at least eight celebrities from the world of South Korean entertainment such as singer “Tony An” are being investigated for their role in sports betting.

The side stories

It has been reported that cases of illegal betting and gambling are on the rise in South Korea. Even the general public is getting addicted to gambling. Easy access of many gambling sites is cited as one of the reasons for the rising gambling trend in the country. Celebrities use these gambling sites for entertainment and fun, but the recent crackdown on illegal betting must have caused many to step back and do away with it.

Celebrities like Lee Soo-geun are famous, so their arrests make news. Singers such as Shin Jung-hwan and Tony An are popular with the masses and allegations on them have resulted in gossip mills coming out with wild theories. One such report mentions the lack of privacy as the reason for celebrities to opt for gambling as a recreational activity. Whatever the reasons, South Korean authorities are taking these allegations seriously and efforts are being made to curb gambling addiction.


Ivey Denied £7.7 million in High Court Ruling

Phily Ivey CourtLong-time gamblers will tell you that there is one inevitable truth in gambling, and that truth is that the house always wins. This truth was borne out once again as the High Court in London just denied Phil Ivey’s court case to recover the £7.7 million in casino winnings that were not paid after he won at London’s Crockford Club in August 2012.

Ivey won the money playing baccarat at the Crockford Club. He had to leave suddenly to go back home to the United States for a funeral, and he left without being paid his winnings by the casino. According to Ivey, the casino promised to wire the money he won to his bank account, but they failed to fulfil their promise. They did return the £1million that Ivey had put down as his original stake money at the Crockford Club.

The casino’s side of the story is that Ivey cheated to win the £7.7 million. They say he used an old card players’ trick known as edge sorting. Edge sorting is a tool in which a card player can determine what a card is from subtle marks that are on the backs of the cards. These marks easily occur as the cards are handled over time, but some players will deliberately mark the cards to increase their advantage in the game.

While neither Ivey nor the casino claim that he deliberately marked the cards, both admit he did use edge sorting to gain an advantage. The difference is how they view the practice. Ivey and most professional gamblers do not consider it cheating unless the player deliberately marks the cards, but the judge and the casino disagreed.

The court denied Ivey’s lawyers the chance to appeal the ruling. However, they can submit an application directly to the Court of Appeals to try to get the ruling overturned.

888 Poker Review: Free Rolls and Promotions Galore

888 Poker ReviewOne of the most well-known online poker firms in the US, 888 Poker is also called All-American Poker Network. Owned by 888 Holdings Group, 888 Poker is among the earliest online poker rooms as well. There have been a lot of changes in 888 over the past few years, and the primary among them is the software. The site gets traffic of about 10,000 players in the heavy-rush hours. The new software has brought in plenty of 3D features, which is the need of the hour, as an increasing number of players seek immersive experiences and enhanced graphics support.


Are you a newbie? Get going now

Beginners who sign up and get an 888 poker account online stand to get some bonuses, a couple of them in fact. A newbie gets $10 to try out the games and no deposit is needed. Also, if you are a newbie, you don’t have to clear the bonus if you want to use it. In case you are not willing to deposit and $10 isn’t enough for you, the company offers free rolls every day for all players. There are also special free roll opportunities to choose from with a prize pool that ranges between $50 and $888.

When you are set to deposit, the site rewards beginners by matching up to their first deposit 100 per cent, to a limit of $888. The bonus is given in increments of $10.


Promotions galore

Among the 888 poker promotions is a free roll promo called Live the Dream worth $5,000, and this special promotion runs twice every day till October 20, 2014. All the 70 winners of the free rolls will be given great prizes including vacation packages, F1 experiences or cool gadgets. There is also a $2,500 pool of cash to be given away. If you are already a regular in the 88 poker room or have an account, your inbox will have two tickets to join the brand new tournaments.

The games that are among the most popular ones on the site are Hold ‘em, 7 Card Stud and Omaha. A great variety of Sit n Go Tournaments such as Turbo, Double or Nothing, and ring games are part of 888.


Celebrities React to Controversial Ray Rice Video


Celebrities React to Controversial Ray Rice Video2When news of Ray Rice’s domestic violence case first came to light, there was no widespread condemnation for his actions. Yes, there were plenty of celebrities who were disappointed by the situation, but very few stood up and spoke about how Rice should be banned from the NFL. With the revelation of a video tape showing the incident as it took place, opinions have altered drastically. Many celebrities have taken to Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to talk about the case.

Even Rice’s fellow players have been outspoken in their criticisms. Terrence Knighton, a defensive player for the Denver Broncos franchise, had this to say: “The players like to talk about how we are unfairly treated by the media or the NFL, but there is no defense for this. It is time to speak up and stand up for the right thing. There is no place for this kind of behavior, no matter who you are or what you do.”

Seth Rogan, a famous Hollywood actor, also weighed in on the situation: “I am not a football fan with great NFL knowledge, but I do not think he should be allowed to return to the league. Ever.” He was also disappointed that the punishment for domestic violence in the NFL was less than for smoking marijuana.

There were a few celebrities, such as Christopher Boykin from the MTV show Fantasy Factory, who believe that forgiveness is not out of the question. His argument being that if Rice’s wife was willing to put the incident in the past and marry the man, perhaps the wider public should give Rice a second chance as well.

Twitter arguments also broke out in relation to celebrity tweets comparing Ray Rice’s situation to the one faced by Chris Brown. The singer was involved in a domestic violence case with fellow performer Rihanna. A few celebrities mentioned that people were fine with Brown performing at events and having his songs played on the radio, which was hypocritical considering the punishment they want for Ray Rice.

For more information on this story, click here.