Celebrities in South Korea Caught In Illegal Gambling

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South Korea CelebrityGambling in South Korea is illegal unless played at state-run establishments and even they offer limited-opportunity games. Recently, some celebrities from the country were caught indulging illegal gambling.

The allegations

Some South Korean celebrities are under fire as they got caught while illegally betting on sports. One of the four caught is Lee Soo-geun, who is a famous comedian as well as television personality. Allegations on him are that he bet millions of money through privately-owned gambling companies. All his wagers have been reportedly on football matches of the English Premier League. He was questioned over these claims by the prosecutors at the Seoul District office and has been given a suspended jail time of eight months. He will also have to do 120 hours of community service.

Band members Tak Jae-hoon and Shin Jung-hwan are also under scrutiny for illegal sports betting and are being questioned by the prosecutors to determine the truth. All in all at least eight celebrities from the world of South Korean entertainment such as singer “Tony An” are being investigated for their role in sports betting.

The side stories

It has been reported that cases of illegal betting and gambling are on the rise in South Korea. Even the general public is getting addicted to gambling. Easy access of many gambling sites is cited as one of the reasons for the rising gambling trend in the country. Celebrities use these gambling sites for entertainment and fun, but the recent crackdown on illegal betting must have caused many to step back and do away with it.

Celebrities like Lee Soo-geun are famous, so their arrests make news. Singers such as Shin Jung-hwan and Tony An are popular with the masses and allegations on them have resulted in gossip mills coming out with wild theories. One such report mentions the lack of privacy as the reason for celebrities to opt for gambling as a recreational activity. Whatever the reasons, South Korean authorities are taking these allegations seriously and efforts are being made to curb gambling addiction.