Lady Gaga Plays Craps after Show

Lady Gaga always manages to make news even when not performing at the stage. Such is the life of celebrities and if it is the Lady herself then it makes news even when there is nothing substantial about the whole incident.


Lady Gaga plays Craps

Yes, Lady Gaga played craps

Lady Gaga made her way to the craps table after one of her shows ended. The scene looked like a movie shot as she – all decked up – walked to the craps table where her boyfriend had been having fun for a few hours.

Dressed in a red gown complete with diamonds (jewellery) and platinum (hair wig) she stayed at the craps table for an hour or so and seemed to be letting her hair down (kind of) and well she seemed to be having fun after her show.


The celebrity of Lady Gaga

The talented singer and performer had been doing a series of shows with the famous jazz musician Tony Bennett. This was before they had performed at the New Year’s concert at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas where they had been performing together.

The fun at the craps table must have been a good break for the singer and she was likely heard by spectators exclaiming that this was the most fun she had had all week. Now that is saying something.

Now she and Tony Bennett had been promoting their album ‘Cheek to Cheek’ and the shows are still on. But their concert at the New Year’s Eve party was outstanding and maybe chilling out at the craps table helped Lady Gaga a bit. Not that this talented performer needs any such help but a little fun never harms anyone.

Here is hoping Lady Gaga has more fun at the casino games in Vegas and of course elsewhere.