Secret Strategy

Here we’ll discover where this strategy comes from and try to understand its prominence in the game of poker. The Sandwich effect or prophegy, is the most unused poker strategy today and you’ll find that there is little to no information on the strategy. This is because people underestimate its potential to promote wins.

Of course, if a player does not know how to use the sandwich effect strategy to its full potential then it will render the strategy useless. However, we’ll give you a few secret tips on how to use it and you’ll be raking in the cash, wheather you are playing at the Best online casino site or a land-based casino. The whole point of the sandwich effect is for players to make sure they have the strongest hand so that no other player or the casino can beat them. This is easier said than done. A player is obviously clueless as to how strong others’ hands are, so the player needs to acquire an estimation as to how strong or weak the other players’ hands are.

To do this, you’ll need to pay close attention to the visible cards received by the other players. This takes constant concentration and dedication. The casino usually provides paper and pencils for the convenience of the players – don’t use the paper and pencil because the other players will know you are watching them. Make mental notes and watch the other players’ body language, but be careful they aren’t master bluffers, else they could lead you astray. Players who tend to over-react are usually bluffing. The sandwich effect takes practice, but once mastered, you’ll easily be able to make an estimate of who has the strongest hand at the table. Having this insight also enables you to have the strongest hand and be the winner.

The sandwich effect is often regarded as a form of card counting – which to an extent it is, but you’ll have the upper hand on card counters because you’ll be taking into account other players unique body language and doing estimations and sums as to who has the strongest hand.