SWAT Team Crushes High Stakes Poker Game

A group of men were playing high stakes poker in a private residence on a weeknightWe all love a good game of poker. It is a classic game that can be enjoyed in many different places. The obvious place for a nice hand of poker can be found in a casino. Perhaps even better, a great game of poker can be found over the internet with anyone who has a computer or similar device. There is also the classic game of poker in your home with friends. All of these venues are great. However, the last one can get you into trouble. At least, the last one can get you in trouble if you are hosting poker games with insanely high stakes. That is exactly what happened in the city of Fairfax located in the state of Virginia recently.

A group of men were playing high stakes poker in a private residence on a weeknight. Suddenly, a collection of masked SWAT team members stormed into the room. They ordered the men to put their hands in the air. The men complied. The SWAT team confiscated all of the money from the game. They took 150,000 dollars from the host of the game alone. All of the men were charged with illegal gambling.

SWAT teams normally don’t raid your weeknight poker game with friends. Usually, they don’t know about it. Secondly, the stakes are too low to cause any concern. However, this nest of gamblers were enjoying a poker game with a minimum buy-in of 20,000 dollars. You could buy-in again after your lost your first 20,000 dollars. That is twice the amount it takes to play in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The moral of the story? Stick to gambling online, or play with the stakes much lower.