The Ideal Starting Poker Hands Guide

If you are playing one of your first poker games online, you are probably not hoping to win big and advance to the World Series of Poker. You simply want to be able to hold your own hand without appearing to be a novice. 

The poker hand rankings guide below will assist you in getting there and allowing you to confidently play with your friends while also winning a few hands. Let us get started!

Know the Rules of the Games

When it comes to betting techniques and knowing your table location, the gameplay is not that difficult. That being stated, before you begin playing poker games online, you should first learn how to play the game. Rather than diving right in, watch a few training videos to have a better understanding of the game’s rules. 

Get Familiar with the Poker Hand Rankings

One of the most difficult things for inexperienced players to figure out is which hand of cards wins. It is easy to become perplexed with all of the pairs, straights, and flushes. Start by learning how the poker hand rankings work before moving on to the tables.

Know the Game Terminology 

Even in a casual game, knowing the basics of poker vocabulary is essential. The following is a glossary of phrases that are frequently used when playing online poker games. These terms are very essential to both beginner players and pro gamblers.  


The two players to the dealer’s left often place blinds, sometimes known as forced bets. Before any cards are dealt, blinds are placed.


The button represents the dealer’s position at the table, which is a poker chip. This rotates to the left of each hand, and when a player leaves the game, he or she frequently assumes the role of actual dealer. However, among the active players, the button must continue to rotate one to the left.


The term ‘call’ refers to placing a bet equal to or higher than the previous bet or raise.


It essentially suggests that you should not gamble at all and instead observe what other players are doing. You can only see if there have been no bets placed.


A ‘Flop’ is the first three community cards dealt at the same time after the dealer has burned one card.


Folding means you are giving up your autos as well as any previous wagers, you have made in the game.

Know Some Basic Poker Strategy 

One of the most difficult aspects of poker to master is betting. How much should you bet? When should you call or raise your voice? When should you check or place a wager? 

You should bet just enough to keep as many people in the game as possible if you believe you have a winning hand. 

If you wager too much, though, everyone will fold, and you will miss your chance to win as much as you desired. As a result, having a basic poker strategy is essential. 

Poker Hands Ranked

This comprehensive list ranks all of the potential hands in order of strength, from strongest to weakest. We will start with the finest poker hands and describe what they look like and how they compare to other hands. 

With our entire guide to poker hands, you will know exactly what you are holding and how your chances might play out. 

We will walk you through the whole ranking of poker hands, including what beats what when the chips are down, from the best poker hands to ones that are just good for a bluff.

Royal Flush 

What does it mean to have a royal flush? The royal flush is a poker hand that sits at the very top of the poker ladder. A form of straight flush with A-K-Q-J-10 — all in the same suit – is the strongest poker hand of all. A royal flush, as the highest poker hand, defeats any other hand your opponents might have.

Straight Flush

A straight flush is five cards in a row that are the entire same suit. For instance, the numbers 9-8-7-6-5 are all in diamonds.


In poker, a four of a kind is simply four cards with the same value. So, if your five-card hand contains the numbers 7-7-7-7-4, you’ve won.

This is frequently a winning poker hand, beating all save a straight or royal flush. If another player has a four-of-a-kind, the rank of the four cards determines the winner. J-J-J-J-4, for example, defeats A-7-7-7-7.

Full House 

A full house poker hand is made up of three of a kind that is all the same value, plus a pair of different values. For instance, 10-10-10-8-8 is known as a “teens full of eights” number.

A poker straight is defeated by a complete house. Four-of-a-kind, straight flush, or royal flush are the only hands that can beat a full house. 

The highest three of a type wins when two people have a full house. If the rank is the same, the person who has the highest matching pair wins the hand.