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Different UK Gambling sitesThe websites that are featured above are what we, in this industry, identify as ‘all in-one’ gaming websites. Exactly what is meant by this is as follows: they provide a variety of gaming services, which could contain sports betting, casino games, poker, and bingo. You will find locations that focus on only a solitary type of gaming, and we examine these in greater detail only a little later, but our tips listed here are the very best locations if you are one of those players who relishes in doing all of your gaming in one spot.

Utilising a single-site for all of your gambling needs can result in a stacked handful of substantial benefits. To begin with, you don’t have to maintain adding and removing funds each time you wish to swap games; which obviously saves a good deal of trouble. If you happen to be a fairly frequent client, additionally, it may imply that you take advantage of greater bonuses and benefits than you would encounter were you to spread your gaming activity over a quantity of various sites. The most effective websites, for example the ones we suggest you try out above, take care of their consistent clients as they know the value of a good relationship.

Obviously, should you choose one website, it is much more essential that you wind up going for the correct one. We have mentioned previously there is a wide array of gaming websites on the web, and it is far from easy to separate the good from the bad at the best of times. This is exactly why we do what we do: evaluate websites to obtain the very best.

SWAT Team Crushes High Stakes Poker Game

A group of men were playing high stakes poker in a private residence on a weeknightWe all love a good game of poker. It is a classic game that can be enjoyed in many different places. The obvious place for a nice hand of poker can be found in a casino. Perhaps even better, a great game of poker can be found over the internet with anyone who has a computer or similar device. There is also the classic game of poker in your home with friends. All of these venues are great. However, the last one can get you into trouble. At least, the last one can get you in trouble if you are hosting poker games with insanely high stakes. That is exactly what happened in the city of Fairfax located in the state of Virginia recently.

A group of men were playing high stakes poker in a private residence on a weeknight. Suddenly, a collection of masked SWAT team members stormed into the room. They ordered the men to put their hands in the air. The men complied. The SWAT team confiscated all of the money from the game. They took 150,000 dollars from the host of the game alone. All of the men were charged with illegal gambling.

SWAT teams normally don’t raid your weeknight poker game with friends. Usually, they don’t know about it. Secondly, the stakes are too low to cause any concern. However, this nest of gamblers were enjoying a poker game with a minimum buy-in of 20,000 dollars. You could buy-in again after your lost your first 20,000 dollars. That is twice the amount it takes to play in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The moral of the story? Stick to gambling online, or play with the stakes much lower.

FTOPS XXVI Guarantees $4.5 Million Prize Pool


The 26th Full Tilt Online Poker Series promises an impressive total prize pool of $4.5 million.

Full Tilt Online Poker Series

FTOPS is an online tournament that is owned and operated by Full Tilt Poker. The first event took place in 2006, and it occurs about four times a year. The very first first-place prize was $161,480, but since then, first-place prizes have generally ranged from $350k to $450k. The highest first-place prize ever awarded was $877,949 in February 2011. The first-place prize for FTOPS XXVI is confirmed to be no less than $300k, and the guarantee for the NL Hold’em Main Event is $1 tournament

A Player’s Tournament

An interesting aspect of FTOPS is that it tends to mirror the ever-changing nature of the Web. Poker tournaments tend to be steeped in tradition, and change does not come easy. In fact, much bureaucracy usually comes with effecting change. FTOPS, however, is a player’s tournament, and participants actually vote on the format for some of the events. Event #25, for instance, was chosen by the players, and they chose OE, half Omaha H/L and half Stud H/L, which is certainly not a usual selection.

Series and Leaderboard

There are 52 FTOPS events in all, and players can opt in as they choose. No event is required. Guarantees range from as little as $25k in the HORSE event to $1 million in the Main Event. FTOPS is more than just a collection of events, however. This is a series, and winning that series requires a poker player to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

The currency of the leaderboard is chips, and Full Tilt awards these chips for performance. Chips are awarded for winning an event or being at a final event. There is also a game within a game, and Full Tilt award points for various milestones, such as 30 hands without a showdown. Therefore, even if a player is essentially done at a particular table, he or she still has something to play for.

The Event

FTOPS XXVI begins on Sunday, August 3 and continues through Sunday, August 17, which is the day of the Main Event. During this period, there is at least one event a day.

WSOP Main Event Guarantees $10 Million to Winner


Jamie GoldIn 2006, Jamie Gold took home the WSOP Main Event title along with the $12,000,000 winners share of the purse. Since then, entries have declined and the top payout has hovered at between $8,000,000-$9,000,000. In an effort to reverse that trend, WSOP executives have announce they will offer a guaranteed $10,000,000 to the 2014 champion.

Reason for Increase
By guaranteeing the 8-figure purse, they hope to use this information as a marketing tool designed to promote the possibilities to the borderline entrants who may be persuaded by the target prize. The goal is to reestablish growth in the number of entries on a year to year basis. If they succeed, the payouts across the board will also improve which could also draw more entries from guys who may not figure to win it all, but they could reap a strong profit by just cashing.

Opponents of the Guarantee
There is a contingent of WSOP players and representatives who feel the new guarantee could have the opposite effect. If the entries fall short, payouts at the lower levels will be striped for the benefit of the winner. The prospect of winning less for cashing in the tournament may actually drive away some of the marginal players looking for a decent payday.

One thing is for sure, the effect of the $10,000,000 guarantee on this year’s tournament will be heavily scrutinized as more major tournaments weigh the benefits of guaranteed prizes versus non-guaranteed prizes. Each tournament relies completely on the number of entrants and any future changes will be contingent on not affecting the number of players who show up to play.

France Sees Declines and Surges in Offline, Online Betting


At the end of 2013, there have been several reports from offline and online betting agencies in France that the industry is both in decline and in a surge. In particular, online poker and pari-mutuel betting online for horse racing are down-turning while other sports are making up for lost revenues. Unfortunately, French gambling officials feel that these trends will continue throughout 2014.

Online poker betting in France declines

The annual figures from France’s online poker betting industry clearly show a drastic decline in revenues for 2013. With the exception of stakes for tournaments, there was a 13 to 18 percent drop in profits for the entire French online poker industry. The independent online gaming industry regulators in France, ARJEL, noted that sales were down in the first quarter of 2013 by 12 percent and in the fourth quarter, sales were down 23 percent. This is a concern for the French authorities because online betting generates approximately 325 million Euros in taxes.

Online sports bettingPari-mutuel offline betting numbers continue to fall

A major French offline parimutuel company, PMU, announced that they no longer found this form of gambling profitable. Like online poker, 2013 was the year that this form of betting significantly declined. Online, this form of betting rose 22.4 percent. One of the main reasons that the company attributes to their profit losses with offline betting is due to the challenges of a poor economic climate in France. PMU is currently re-strategizing to place more focus on other forms of online betting. Despite their want to eschew offline parimutuel horse racing betting, the French horse racing industry needs PMU to help support organization of events, maintenance of racetracks and distribution of prize money. Over 70,000 jobs and France are associated with the horse racing industry.

Online sports betting increase seen in France in 2013

France Pari has had significant success due to their growth with online betting. Their 2013 figures were up 30 percent in betting volumes and sports gaming profits were up 54 percent. In particular, France Pari noted that many of their profits came through clients such as FeelingBet and GenyBet. The inclusion of pari-mutuel horse racing and fixed-odds betting by GenyBet are the main reasons that France Pari succeeded in 2013. Then next plan of action is to include more mobile betting in 2014.

Global Poker Index Rankings Updated

The latest update to the Global Poker Index rankings has come out, and though the current top player in the United Kingdom remains the same, the race is definitely on from this point.

Currently, the number one spot belongs to Toby Lewis for having earned 2,563.61 ranking points. He was able to maintain this spot by finishing 18th in the European Poker Tour Barcelona High Roller, but there is a serious question of how long he can keep it up when some of the best players in the world are starting to catch up.

The number two player in the UK is David Vamplew from Scotland, with 2,224.10. Better known as Vamps, Vamplew has quickly closed the gap from Lewis thanks to placing second in the second event of the 2013 World Series of Poker and in the the 53rd event as well. He also took a third place finish in the EPT Barcelona event, which certainly did not hurt either.

Stephen Chidwick brings 1,927.23 points to the table, which means it is still not possible to count him out of the race. He does not play too often beyond WSOP, but he may still be able to end the year with a real bang, giving him the edge he needs to take the number one spot.splits

The rest of the spots for the top 10 belong to Chris Moorman, the World Series of Poker $50,000 Poker Players Championship winner Matthew Ashton, Niall Farrell, Jake Cody, Zimnan Ziyard, Christopher Brammer and Roberto Romanello.

Romanello fell to sixth in the UK since this year has not gone well. Though he won over $2.1 million in the last few years, he was only able to bank $50,155 this year. This is partially due to the number of tournaments he plays being cut, but he has also not played well enough to warrant staying near the top.

Beyond the top 10 include a number of players who are actually talented enough and only need to get a great win or two to help branch out into the spots in the top 10. Some of these players include Tom Alner, the Red Dragon champion with 1,490.75 points, Rhys Jones with 1,445.06 points, John Eames with 1,393.97 points and Craig McCorkell with 1,366.13 points. Any of these players are more than capable of giving some chase for the top 10.

Blackjack Terminology

blackjack-onlineIf you are playing a game of Blackjack at a casino, it is important to know the terminology that you will be encountering. Below is a glossary of common Blackjack terminology.86’d– Being kicked out of a casino after being caught counting cardsBackdoor Kenny– Getting dealt a card with a 10 value, then getting dealt an ace.

Balanced count– A counting system with an exact balance between minus cards and plus cards, the balance would be zero.

Blackjack– 1. The name of a card game in which players attempt to reach 21 without going above it.
2. The ideal hand in blackjack comprising a 10 value card and an ace.

Bust– A hand that reaches over 21, an automatic loss.

Bust Card– The card that puts a hand over 21.

Cut Card– A bright colored card that is used as a marker of where the dealer will reshuffle the deck.

Double or Double Down– The term for when a player doubles his bet and draws one additional card, following seeing their dealt hand.

Even Money– If the player has a blackjack and the dealer shows an ace, the player can choose even money, which is insurance and results in a net gain of one bet.

First Base– The betting spot that is the first to act and receive cards, located at the dealer’s left hand side.

Hard Hand– A hand that has the count of 11 without holding an ace.

Hit– Asking for another card.

Holecard– The dealer’s second card, held face down until all the players have completed their actions.

Insurance– Available if the dealer shows an ace, a side bet that is half of the original bet. The player receives their wager back and the amount of the original bet if the dealer has blackjack. If the dealer does not, then the player loses their wager.

Penetration– A number or fraction representing how many cards or decks will be dealt prior to reshuffling.

Pitchgame– A dame dealt using one or two decks.

Push– A tie.

Shoe– A device that holds multiple decks, typically four, six, or eight.

Soft– A hand including an ace valued at 11.

Split– When a player receives two cards of the same rank and chooses to play them separately.

Third Base– The last spot to act, on the dealer’s right hand side.

Upcard– The card shown that is dealt to the dealer.

Want to learn more about blackjack click here.

Gus Hansen Books Record Online Losses

Gus Hansen Books Record Online LossesPoker player Gus Hansen, known for his aggressive style of play that often leaves opponents confused, has over $11 million in live poker tournament winnings. However, the 39-year-old gambler from Copenhagen, Denmark has been performing poorly online, and it’s not clear whether he can be considered a top-notch poker player any longer.

Substantial Losses

According to HighstakesDB, Hansen has lost over $4 million this year in online high-stakes cash games at Full Tilt Poker through September 25. He isn’t just having an off-year either. In 2012, the Team Full Tilt pro lost over $3 million, and since 2007, he is a whopping $10.6 million in the red. He has lost more money than any other player since the inauguration of HighstakesDB’s results-tracking service in January 2007.

Gus, in compiling these unenviable results, has not restricted himself to a single form of poker. Some of his losses are indeed from playing the popular no limit hold’em variety, but he has also lost considerable amounts in pot limit Omaha, 2-7 triple draw and mixed games.

Top Competitors

Most players that begin to have mammoth losses opt to rethink their game and drop down in stakes before losing more. But Hansen has instead continued playing, at the highest stakes available, against world-class competitors. Some of the foes against whom he frequently plays include online legend Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Finnish poker superstar Patrick Antonius and dedicated grinder Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. It’s possible that ego is involved as Hansen may view playing at lower stakes or against weaker opponents as a personal failure.

The true state of Hansen’s finances remains unknowable, because he may have won considerable sums prior to the implementation of online tracking sites. Any winnings from live cash games would clearly not be included in these totals either. Furthermore, “The Great Dane” often gambles in a variety of other pursuits besides poker, and it’s anybody’s guess how well or poorly he does in these other ventures. Nevertheless, it’s clear that his online cash-game performance is a drain on his financial resources and has been so for some time.

PokerStars Still Pursuing Sizzling Hot US Market

The US online gaming market is still one of the PokerStars website’s desired conquests. They are leaving a good deal of money on the table for every day that they are unable to convince American authorities to allow them into the country.

It will be a difficult win for Poker Stars, and for many online gaming site, as the powers-that-be in America insist that allowing certain websites into their market will damage the bottom line for brick and mortar casino venues. Though there is certainly some truth to that, the fact remains that the US market is hot and there are large numbers of gamblers who would love to be free to gamble online.

PokerStars Still Pursuing Sizzling Hot US MarketPokerStars parent company, Rationale Group, recently authorized their CEO, Mark Scheinberg, to settle US Department of Justice troubles with $50 million. In addition, they have attempted to purchase the Atlantic City, NJ Atlantic Club Casino. Though the casino was in financial distress and likely to shut down, PokerStars was unable to convince New Jersey and US authorities that the purchase would enhance their infamous Atlantic City gambling district, a long-standing traditional casino area that rivals Las Vegas.

Politicians and authorities in American states where gambling is legal have fought the onset of online gaming since its inception. They jealously guard their ability to protect the interests of their own casino revenue generators and significant tax base. Popular online gaming sites that serve players across the globe want to extend their services to US gamblers. The process will be tenuous as both sides attempt to compromise and work out the details.

Enforcement of local, state and federal gaming laws are also of concern. An online gambling site can be accessed easily by those who would otherwise be prohibited from betting or playing games for monetary prizes. Technology has worked to the advantage of those who would use the websites to break those laws with impunity. With the development of better controls there may be more online gaming sites allowed in the US. Time and persistence on the part of PokerStars may indeed pay off in the future.

Get A Glimpse Of The Future With The Launch Of

The September, 2013 launch of the World Series of Poker website has expanded the number of Nevada poker sites where players can bet with actual money to two. For now that is. This development may help open the door for more online gaming that involves real gambling in states where gambling is permitted. The Ultimate Poker website was the first to go online with the cash betting format and the pair of sites are the only two available in the U.S.

Early Stages

With the new site being in such an experimental phase, things will be watched closely by gaming officials during the early parts of its run. Interest and activity have been high for the new site and is helping to create a strong parallel between the Vegas experience and the internet version of the company. A version of is now being offered for mobile devices and this move may also be a groundbreaking one.

Get A Glimpse Of The Future With The Launch Of wsop.comOther Outlets

What has been happening in Vegas will not likely stay in Vegas if the companies who are involved in the endeavor have anything to do with it. The plan is to get the same sort of action going in Atlantic City and beyond. This process has to take place one step at a time in each state since there is still no federally approved system for poker betting online and time and results will help determine when that day will come.

Next Generation

One potentially huge advantage for making real casino poker games playable online is the appeal it may have to younger generations who do not necessarily flock to them. Once poker is available mobile devices, it would have found its way to the places where many young people do their business and it may catch their attention.

A Good Bet gives players many options from instructions on how to play several different versions of poker to connections on the most popular social media sites. With the growing popularity of poker worldwide, this site may stand a good chance of being successful and maybe even revolutionary. The executives want their site to be the top choice for poker enthusiast to meet online and their bet may pay off.